Our Advantage
  1. Product quality.

    With our seasoned team and strict quality control processes (We are ISO 9001 compliant), plus high quality materials, our product quality is second to none. Better Quality = Happier Customers!
  2. Lead Times.

    Building onshore with Perfect Fit means you don’t have to freight your products 1/2 way around the world. Lead times are dramatically reduced as is the probability of damage or your product being lost during transit. We also facilitate Just In Time (JIT) deliveries to reduce inventories for your business
  3. Product Design & Intellectual Property Protection.

    Our team will help you design your parts and if required, assist you in protecting your intellectual property
  4. Production Scheduling.

    We work closely with our clients to ensure that production requirements and deadlines are optimized
  5. Environmental Accountability.

    Our company utilizes equipment and processes that help to minimize waste
  6. Waste Reduction / Recycling Strategies.

    We work with our clients to establish affordable and sustainable systems to recycle materials – we also work with our clients to save costs on reducing or reusing packaging and shipping crates
  7. Productivity and Efficiency.

    With our optimized and ever evolving process improvement focus, our workforce is very productive and efficient with an eye to continually improve